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Biderman on Fox Business: Why the Economy Won’t Recover


TrimTabs’ President & CEO Charles Biderman went on Fox Business Monday to discuss why he has turned 100 percent bearish and why he doesn’t believe the economy will recover any time soon, siting taxable income as insufficient to pay for government expenditures.

To view the video on Fox Business’ website: click here

Biderman’s Daily Edge: Biderman’s Daily Edge 7/30/2012: Talking Growth, Consumer Spending with Rick Davis


TrimTabs’ Charles Biderman speaks with Rick Davis about the current state of the economy, growth and consumer spending. For a look at the numbers, Read More.

Biderman’s Market Picks 7/30/2012


Biderman’s Market Picks Available Now!

The TrimTabs Money Blog is pleased to announce the launch of Biderman’s Market Picks, a weekly video newsletter by Charles Biderman. This newsletter is designed to help you maximize long term investment gains while minimizing short term risks.

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Each weekly issue of Biderman’s Markets Picks has three parts. The first part covers what Charles is thinking about the stock market. The second part presents Charles’ views on the economy. The third part shows how Charles is investing a $100,000 model portfolio to try to profit from the information in the first two parts.

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CNBC: Why TrimTabs’ CEO is 100% Bearish


From CNBC’s Holly Ellyatt:

“Despite Mario Draghi’s reassurance that the ECB will do everything in its power to save the euro zone, Europe is not going to do anything meaningful and central bank action will not save the equity markets – on the contrary, they’ll “implode”, Charles Biderman, Chief Executive and Founder of TrimTabs Investment Research, told CNBC.”

To read the entire story and view the video, click here.

Biderman’s Daily Edge 7/26/2012: The Draghi Put Will Be Stillborn


The Draghi Put? Maybe it will work for another day or so. But longer term? Nah. Mario Draghi in a prepared speech in London said. “Within our mandate, the European Central Bank is ready to do whatever it takes to preserve the euro, and believe me, it will be enough.” Read More

Biderman on ‘MoneyLife’ Podcast


TrimTabs President & CEO Charles Biderman was on the Money Life Show this week talking about his decision to go 100 percent bearish. Here is the link to the podcast:

Big Interview with Charles Biderman

Biderman’s Daily Edge: The Bernanke Put is Dying


Late last week I turned 100% bearish, which is not the most bearish I could be. For the record, if I really thought the market was going to hell in a hand basket in a hurry, I could become leveraged bearish, which would be 200% short. Today, a reporter asked what could happen that would alter my bearish stance? My answer was that I do believe in miracles. But miracles only happen rarely or else it would not be a miracle. Other than a miracle, I do not see anything that could alter the inevitable. The inevitable being a major stock market sell off. Read More

Biderman’s Daily Edge 7/24/2012: Why We’re 100% Bearish


In this weekends TrimTabs Weekly Liquidity Review, which is our $10,000 per year primary institutional research product, we turned 100% bearish from 50% bearish. In addition Biderman’s Market Picks, our weekly video market letter which can be purchased on our blog site for $10 each or $260 a year, also turned more bearish. Read More

Charles BidermanCharles Biderman is the Chairman of TrimTabs Investment Research and Portfolio Manager of the TrimTabs Float Shrink ETF (TTFS)

Biderman’s Practices of Success

I recently launched a new online course, Biderman's Practices of Success, on ( The key to the practice of success is to be fully present in the moment and to be totally engaged in the important areas of life, particularly when we do not want to be. Read More.