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Stocks Should Keep Bubbling Up Early January


When Less Money Starts Chasing More Shares Stocks Will Drop


For anyone who owns stocks 2013 has been a great year. For everyone else, the economy sucks. In 2013, the US stock market soared 30% and Exchange Traded Funds that invest in companies shrinking the number of shares rose over 42%. Read More

GDP & BLS Job Numbers Are Worthless Garbage!


The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 204,000 new November jobs and everybody said wow, the US economy must be doing better then we thought. Similarly, the Bureau of Economic Analysis reported that the US Gross Domestic Product grew by 2.8 percent in the September quarter. If you only used government data, the impression is that maybe the economy is indeed getting better and we can grow our way out of the current no growth swamp. Read More

Biderman on CNBC: “Q.E. is a zero sum game”



TrimTabs’ Charles Biderman was on CNBC Monday morning with Rick Santelli discussing stock and bond inflows.

Government Unable to Effectively Provide Services; Yet They Keep Lying About it


A key belief of mine is that inherent in the nature of government is that governments are not capable of effectively providing services. And by effectively, I mean in terms of dollars and hours. Yet, the biggest of the Big Lies, and one apparently believed by most Americans, is that government can effectively provide services. Read More

There is No Government Shutdown Nor Default Threat


The idiocy in Washington on both sides is almost too tough to watch. First off, there is no government shutdown. Yes, about 500,000 government workers are on furlough and not getting paid right now. But over 20 million direct and indirect government workers are still on the job and getting paid! So how can a 2.5 percent, yes 2.5 percent, temporary reduction in workforce be called a shutdown?
Read More

Surging Stocks and Slumping Economy Duality To Continue For a While


In my last video I opined that the secret of my success has been an ability to accurately describe the conditions of the financial markets and economy exactly the way they are and exactly the way they are not. Why is that useful? Read More

Bad Data Hurting U.S. Economy


The secret of my success, in my opinion, has been my ability to accurately describe parts of the market and economy exactly the way they are and exactly the way they are not. I say power to make change starts with being grounded in what is actually happening right now. Not knowing what is really so and just guessing will make any existing problem much worse. If certainty creates power, uncertainty destroys power. Read More

Tapering Will Spike Interest Rates Guaranteeing Recession


In my last video before taking some time off I said that I expected a weak August jobs report and an imploding housing market to postpone the start of taper time. Well, the August jobs report was weaker than expected and mortgage bankers today reported that new mortgage applications have plunged to levels not seen since the 2008 low. Regardless of the weakness, the bond market apparently still believes that even if the Fed might not start tapering this month, tapering will start before year end. Read More

Charles BidermanCharles Biderman is the Chairman of TrimTabs Investment Research and Portfolio Manager of the TrimTabs Float Shrink ETF (TTFS)

Biderman’s Practices of Success

I recently launched a new online course, Biderman's Practices of Success, on ( The key to the practice of success is to be fully present in the moment and to be totally engaged in the important areas of life, particularly when we do not want to be. Read More.