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Last year, I founded Biderman’s Practices of Success, or B-POS, a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization whose current mission is to create an online course that transforms transition-aged vulnerable former foster youth. Our approach is based upon ontological training (the science of being present to life), something extremely effective and not normally available to foster youth. The main premise is success in life is being able to do whatever it takes to be fully present and totally engaged in the areas of life important to us. READ MORE

Biderman Discusses Major Disconnect Between Stock Market and Economy on CNBC


Below: Santelli and Harris discuss Biderman’s earlier comments.

Chris Hamilton: Is the Printing of the Japanese Yen the Poison Pill for Gold??? The More Yen Japan Prints, the Lower the Price of Gold…Until???


Yen weakness is relative dollar strength is gold weakness…or said otherwise in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. If the correlation hasn’t become obvious by now…the carry trade around the Yen and the BOJ’s plan to depreciate or bust seems to have rather outsized impacts across the market spectrum. My interest is the relationship of gold and the Yen. Seems the weakening of the Yen is driving the price of gold…down. Of course the Yen’s weakness is conversely the dollar’s relative strength…but from ’09 and particularly since Japan’s December 2012 turn to “Abenomics”, Gold and the Yen have moved tick for tick. The more Yen Japan prints, the farther the price of gold falls…ahhhh the irony that gold, the finite measuring stick of infinite currencies, seems now only to be measuring the depths TPTB will go to hide currencies relative worth!

Chris Hamilton: China Likely Bought 10,000 tons of Gold…and if They Did, Here’s Why


My article “10,000 tons of gold…The math says China could have easily done it!” explains how it’s possible or even likely China has amassed 10,000+ tons of gold. What it doesn’t explain is the context as to why this is so important. I know some now this story well, but for most, this needs repeating. READ MORE

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Chris Hamilton: 10,000 Tons of Gold Bought? – The math says China could have easily done it!


Since August ’11 to August of ’14, China has decreased its holdings of US Treasury debt by $9 Billion (according to the most recent TIC data)…while continuing to run record trade surpluses with the US. This means China will have (by year end 2014) taken in $951 Billion in shiny, new, digital dollars since 2011 and simultaneously sold or rolled off $9 Billion in US Treasury holdings…so China will have had to find a home for $960 Billion new dollars.


Biderman and Santelli discuss float shrink and why the US is broke


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Charles Biderman at the Irrational Economic Summit on why Obama is the Worst Economic President and what’s wrong with GDP and the Bureau of Labor Statistics initial jobs report


Charles Biderman talks about his outlook for stock prices and buybacks with Marketwatch’s Chuck Jaffe


Click here to listen to the Podcast.

Daze of Peak Oil…or at least Peak Oil Production


By Chris Hamilton




Production of crude oil has nearly stalled despite a near quadrupling in the price since ’01 and it seems likely the world has entered the Peak Oil phase and the governments nor central banks (try as they may) can paper this over. Without the growing supply of adequate cheap energy, there isn’t adequate GDP growth, and without the GDP growth, there is no way to outgrow, pay off, or service the huge debts incurred but by interest rate suppression. READ MORE

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The Heart of the Ponzi?!?


By Chris Hamilton



Given the Fed will complete it’s “taper” shortly…the topic of who has bought, who owns, and who will buy US Treasury debt seems important.


The 1st slide shows the four classes of US Treasury buyers.  It shows who purchased what since ’00 cross referencing the blended interest rates on the Treasury curve.  As yields have collapsed and the alternative markets (stocks, RE, corporate or junk bonds) have improved or offered more attractive returns…only the Fed and Foreigners have continued to accumulate Treasury’s.  I included the Fed’s $667 Billion in Operation Twist long bond purchases (paid for from selling all their short paper) to show the power and magnitude of the Fed’s purchases since 2011…READ MORE

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