Biderman’s Daily Edge 1/30/2012: Keep Buying Gold, US Stocks in Bear Market Priced in Gold


I continue to recommend buying gold on a dollar cost average basis. Gold is just beginning a long term bull run and most individuals are still not aboard this train. The Federal Reserve announced last week that this weak economy will force them to keep short-term interest rates exceptionally low until 2014. In addition, while there was no mention of QE3, I think it is almost certain that the Fed will add another round of quantitative easing (QE) sometime soon… Read More

Biderman’s Daily Edge 1/26/2012: US Government Will Go Bankrupt Unless Laws Change


Many of you viewers as well as many Wall Street professionals deep down inside believe that deficits do not really matter. We have almost always had deficita and we will almost always have deficits in the future. Big deal, deficits. The reality is that the US governments deficit is so big and will be getting much much bigger as we have to borrow more and more each year to pay ever increasing medicare, social security and government pensions and benefits… Read More

TrimTabs Says Fed’s Currency Swap Program with ECB In Reality Back Door Bailout of Eurozone Banks


Fed/ECB Swaps Hit $103 Billion, One-Sixth Size of QE2

Sausalito, CA – January 26, 2012 – TrimTabs Investment Research says that while Fed Chairman Bernanke has stated that the Fed has no intention or authority to bail out Europe, the Fed’s aggressive expansion of its balance sheet, suggests otherwise.In a research note, TrimTabs explained that the European Central Bank (ECB) tapped the Federal Reserve’s liquidity-swap window for an additional $11.0 billion in the week ended January 19, bringing the outstanding balance to $103.3 billion… Read More

Elaine Garzarelli Still Go-Go on Stocks, But Bears Cite Land Mines, Galore


By Dan Dorfman

Dan DorfmanDorfman And Dollars
Dan Dorfman follows the dollars and sense of the markets 
It’s another one of those spirited bull-bear market duels, a fight between institutional investment adviser Elaine Garzarelli, who, more often than not, is positive on the stock market, and the bearish fraternity.

The veteran market analyst, who dazzled Wall Street in the 1980s and early 1990s with a series of on-the-money market forecasts, predominantly bullish, currently doles out investment advice to about 100 pension, mutual and hedge funds, which manage aggregate assets of more than $1 trillion. A Garzarelli client, on average, runs minimum assets of $150 million. Read More

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Biderman’s Daily Edge 1/25/2012: Explaining the Bullish Market


Again and again I have to keep reminding myself that most portfolio managers, as well as individual investors, firmly believe that not only can the US economy grow its way out of its current mess, but that the US economy has already begun that process. The fact that the Fed continues to create $100 billion of new money each month to support the economy is not as important to them as is the cumulative 60% growth in the federal deficit since 2008… Read More

Biderman’s Daily Edge 1/24/2012: Money is Dominated by Exchange Traded Funds


Here at the Inside ETF conference, where there are 1300 attendees, a record number, it is readily apparent that Exchange Traded Funds is where the action is in today’s stock market. Even we at TrimTabs have started one, called the TrimTabs Float Shrink ETF, ticker symbol TTFS… Read More

Biderman’s Daily Edge 1/23/2012: Nothing Has Changed But Bulls Becoming More Bullish


Returning from two weeks traveling around Costa Rica, I am currently at the Inside ETF Conference and what has most impressed me so far is the seeming universal bullishness of most of the speakers and attendees. None of that should be surprising since our brilliant associate David Santschi in a video last week reported that institutions and individuals are as bullish currently as they have been in quite some time… Read More

Schnapp’s Macro Musings 1/20/2012: Massive Tax Increases Coming to an Income Near You


The Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) Budget and Economic Outlook starts out with this sobering statement. “The United States is facing profound budgetary and economic challenges. The $1.3 trillion budget deficit for 2011 is the third largest shortfall in the past 65 years.” In stark language the CBO paints a grim financial picture confronting policy makers heading into an election year… Read More

Santschi’s Daily Edge 1/19/2012: The Reasons for Rising Stock Prices


Last week, I discussed how retail investors have been putting most of their money under the mattress. In 2011, a whopping $932 billion flowed into checking and savings accounts, eight times higher the $117 billion that flowed into stock and bond mutual funds and exchange-traded funds… Read More

Schnapp’s Macro Musings 1/18/2012: Four Factors Likely to Constrain GDP Growth in 2012


We think GDP growth is likely to remain sluggish in 2012. Why? We have identified several factors that will likely limit income growth and thus economic growth this year…Read More

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