Biderman’s Daily Edge 4/2/2012: Stocks Will Be Bipolar This April & May


April and May were bipolar months for stocks each of the past two years. And I expect the same bipolar behavior this coming April and May. April historically is a strong month for stocks and should be as well this year. The main reason is April is the second biggest month for inflows into stocks after January. Why? Read More

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The Magnificent Seven Ride Again…in Wall Street


By Dan Dorfman

Dan DorfmanDorfman And Dollars
Dan Dorfman follows the dollars and sense of the markets 

The Magnificent Seven, a 1960 film about a group of American gunfighters hired to protect a small Mexican village from a gang of marauding bandits, is one of those memorable Western flicks.

Its success spawned a number of copy-cat films and now there’s a Wall Street version. In brief, it’s seven lagging quality stocks, all rated “buys” by veteran investment advisor Richard Moroney, the savvy research chief of Virginia-based Dow Theory Forecasts, one of the country’s more respected investment newsletters with a better than average stock-picking record…Read More

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Biderman’s Daily Edge 3/26/2012: The Social Media Revolution


Social media I say will create a revolution in how we govern ourselves and eventually will start the next bull market, but not for at least three to five years. I define social media as the ability for everybody on this planet to be in instant communication with everyone else. Several of you have commented that social media is as big a breakthrough as was the personal computer in 1982. In my opinion social media is, but not until the current representative govt format, actually falls apart and unfortunately that unlikely to happen over the next few years…Read More

Biderman’s Daily Edge 3/22/2012: Rising Stock Prices & Investors Believing in Miracles


To summarize my recent New York City trip, almost all of the hedge fund types I visited with in New York are both long stocks for the short term and really scared for the long term. Why? They are long stocks mostly because buybacks have been fueling gains and now stock prices have climbed to less than 10% below the all time highs… Read More

Biderman’s Daily Edge 3/20/12:Third Consecutive False Dawn for Stocks & Economy


The stock market is up over 11% so far this year benefiting from the Fed printing press, this time called Operation Twist. We at TrimTabs have been bullish for most of this year and likely will remain bullish for perhaps few weeks longer, mostly like turning bearish well before Operation Twist ends this June…Read More

Charles BidermanCharles Biderman is the Chairman of TrimTabs Investment Research and Portfolio Manager of the TrimTabs Float Shrink ETF (TTFS)

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