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Investor’s Business Daily mentions TTFS in “5 Actively Managed ETFs That Beat the Market in 2013″


Trang Ho of Investor’s Business Daily discussed TrimTabs Float Shrink ETF in his latest piece noting:

“•TrimTabs Float Shrink (TTFS), up 44%, beat the S&P by 12 percentage points last year after lagging the benchmark the prior year by 2 percentage points. Investor assets swelled more than tenfold in 2013 to about $104 million currently. READ MORE

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Bernanke Put Dead & Very Little Chance Stocks Avoid Year End Sell Off


By Charles Biderman

I officially declare that the Bernanke Put is dead and buried. Nobody even talks about it anymore. It has been a while since someone on CNBC said there is very little risk in being long stocks since Ben Bernanke has the stock market’s back. Read More

Biderman’s Daily Edge: Investors Selling Because They Need the Money


Individual investors have been getting out of US equity mutual funds for most of this year. And the pace of outflows has been soaring recently. Outflows for all of 2012 now stand at $100 billion. Half of that, $50 billion, came out during the last three months. Flight from the funds is not a new trend. In fact, about $134 billion flowed out of equity mutual funds in 2011. ÊWhat’s really puzzling is that despite these heavy outflows, stock prices have gone up. Read More

Dividend ETFs Underperform Overall Market While Float Shrink Outperforms All


Dividend ETFs are very popular. After all in a world where money market funds earn nothing, a nice dividend yield sounds great. Dividend and mutual fund ETF portfolio managers are all over the financial media using interviews and ads touting dividend based investing. As a result a whopping $4.8 billion last year went into just three dividend ETFs, the Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF, VIG, the iShares High Dividend ETF, HDV, and the Wisdom Tree Total Dividend ETF, DTD. Read More

Biderman’s Daily Edge 8/20/2012: Corporate Earnings & Revenues Destined to Disappoint in Q3 & Q4


Many bullish Wall Street analysts seem to be expecting decent second half earnings and revenue growth for the stock market as whole and that is their justification for current stock prices. I say there is no way earnings per share and revenues will grow in aggregate over the second half of this year. I do not include financial stocks in this accounting. That’s because big bank stocks’ earnings per share are based upon the same myth that the current stock market valuation is based upon, and that is the Bernanke Put. The Bernanke put says the Fed will print enough money to buy existing loans, and then everyone lives happily ever after. Read More

Biderman’s Market Picks 8/13/2012


Biderman’s Market Picks Available Now!

The TrimTabs Money Blog is pleased to announce the launch of Biderman’s Market Picks, a weekly video newsletter by Charles Biderman. This newsletter is designed to help you maximize long term investment gains while minimizing short term risks.

If you’re already a subscriber, please log in here. If you’re not a subscriber, you can buy single issues for just $10. For the next month, you can also buy an annual subscription for just $260, which is half off the regular price of $519.

Each weekly issue of Biderman’s Markets Picks has three parts. The first part covers what Charles is thinking about the stock market. The second part presents Charles’ views on the economy. The third part shows how Charles is investing a $100,000 model portfolio to try to profit from the information in the first two parts.

Put Charles’ insights to work in your portfolio right away! You can buy single issues for just $10 or buy an annual subscription for just $260.


TrimTabs Says Mattress Remains Most Popular Destination for Investor Cash


Staggering $356 Billion Pours into Checking and Savings Accounts in First Half of 2012

Sausalito, CA – August 9, 2012 – TrimTabs Investment Research said today that inflows into checking and savings accounts are far outpacing inflows into all other major investment vehicles.

“The Fed and other central banks are doing everything in their power to convince investors to play the speculative game in rigged stock markets,” said Charles Biderman, CEO of TrimTabs.  “But investors aren’t taking the bait.  The most popular destination for investor cash is the mattress.”

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Charles BidermanCharles Biderman is the Chairman of TrimTabs Investment Research and Portfolio Manager of the TrimTabs Float Shrink ETF (TTFS)