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Dividend ETFs Underperform Overall Market While Float Shrink Outperforms All


Dividend ETFs are very popular. After all in a world where money market funds earn nothing, a nice dividend yield sounds great. Dividend and mutual fund ETF portfolio managers are all over the financial media using interviews and ads touting dividend based investing. As a result a whopping $4.8 billion last year went into just three dividend ETFs, the Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF, VIG, the iShares High Dividend ETF, HDV, and the Wisdom Tree Total Dividend ETF, DTD. Read More

Bernanke Put is the Walking Dead


Is the Bernanke Put dead or alive? That is the most important question for the stock market today. And the reason is that all those bullish on the market firmly believe that Mr. Bernanke will stop this stock market from going down anytime soon. In other words without the Bernanke Put this stock market would be lots, lots lower. Read More

TrimTabs Says BLS Badly Missing Current Acceleration in Job Growth


BLS Revises August Job Growth Up 48%

TrimTabs Says Hefty Upward Revisions to BLS’ September Jobs Data Likely

Sausalito, CA – October 5, 2012 – TrimTabs Investment Research said today that the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) hefty upward revision of its August job growth estimate proves that the BLS missed the important acceleration in job growth this summer because it relies on incomplete surveys that are frequently revised. Read More

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Banks Make Huge Profits From Central Banks, But Who Will Bail Out Central Banks?


The world’s Central Banks are giving banks huge amounts of newly printed money at virtually no interest rates. Would you be shocked to learn that the big banks over the past 12 months had their biggest profits since the 2006 peak? Other than Apple and other fast growing techs, the big banks are doing the best in terms of making big bucks then any other sector of the economy. Only stock and bond holders relatively are doing as well. Read More

No Miracle Ending For Broken Global Economy


Here comes another boring video about why all the short term moves by the central banks will ultimately destroy us in the future. Why do I call this boring? Because most people would rather not hear the truth, living as if tomorrow doesn’t matter, hoping for a miracle. Certainly our central bankers political leaders are only focused on the present; always looking to kick the can further down the road. Read More

TrimTabs CEO Charles Biderman Says Fed Easing Seems to Have Run out of Steam


Companies and Insiders Are Big Sellers, Signaling Pessimistic Outlook


Sausalito, CA, Sept. 28 — TrimTabs Investment Research CEO Charles Biderman says the Fed’s latest easing seems to have run out of steam.


“Back on Monday, September 17 when the S&P 500 closed at 1461, which was 15% higher than the June 4 low of 1278, I asked if a 20% pop in stock prices was the most we could expect from the Fed easing. It now looks as if I was right about the limitations of the Fed easing, and only a little too optimistic about how far it would boost the markets.” Read More

Bianco & Biderman Discuss Cost-Benefit of Fed Easing


Fed Easing Only Helped Stocks, Not Economy


Is the Bernanke Put dead or at least dying? I think so. Over the past seven trading days, the market value of all stocks is down half a trillion dollars, meaning that a quarter of the $2 trillion gain from the current easing has been given back. Read More

Did Stocks Peak September 17 When We Asked If Rally Was Over?


Back on Monday, September 17 when the S&P 500 closed at 1461, which was 15% higher then the June 4 low of 1278, I asked if a 20% pop in stock prices was the most we could expect from the Fed easing announced the prior Thursday, September 14. It now looks as if I was right about the limitations of the Fed easing, and only a little too optimistic about its effect on the market. Excuse me for a second while I pat myself on the back. Read More

Local Governments & States Hiding Entitlement Funding Gap Data


Today’s New York Times reported, “The Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund has about $10 billion in assets, but is paying out more than $1 billion in benefits a year, much more than it has been taking in. That has forced it to sell investments, worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year, to pay retired teachers. Experts say the fund could collapse within a few years unless something is done.” Read More

Charles BidermanCharles Biderman is the Chairman of TrimTabs Investment Research and Portfolio Manager of the TrimTabs Float Shrink ETF (TTFS)

Biderman’s Practices of Success

I recently launched a new online course, Biderman's Practices of Success, on ( The key to the practice of success is to be fully present in the moment and to be totally engaged in the important areas of life, particularly when we do not want to be. Read More.

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